Without seeing the car in person, it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate quote. It is very common for vehicles to require additional prep to ensure the smoothest finish possible. This could include peeling or cracks in your old finish, which are difficult to spot in pictures.

We are a high volume shop and have literally repair hundreds of cars every year. Our techs are schooled in the latest repair techniques of newer model cars. From hybrid technology to aluminum to high strength steels, we are qualified to repair any year, make or model.

You should always notify ICBC insurance company and get a claim number. if there are no other vehicles involved or you’re unsure what to do, call us. We will advise you as to the best course of action to take.

Upon drop off of your car, we will give you a vehicle based on the availability. If we don’t have any vehicle available for you, we will make sure you will have a car during the repair time.

Our average cycle time on most repairs are 2-4 days. Your repair could be different depending on your damage. We can tell you your cycle time at the time of drop off.

Sea Wall Auto Body is an ICBC licensed and accredited collision repair and valet shop. This means that we have direct connection with ICBC claim center and will send your claim to them directly and all you need to do is to report the accident to ICBC and get the claim number. There is no waiting for an adjuster to look at your damage. Upon arrival at Sea Wall, we receive your claims information via a computer download from ICBC. We take digital photos and upload the estimate back to ICBC. After ICBC approval, we will start your repair immediately. NO DELAYS.